Rightsholders – know your worth!


As a rightsholder, i can help you understand the worth of your tangible, quantifiable elements of sponsorships. These can be media and other traditional rights that a sponsor might find intresting. This, you might say, is pretty standard and the worth of these are market driven. However, the more intresting and defininetely more important intangible elements of your rights catalouge can be pretty complex to comprehend and valuate. For example emotional resonance and target group loyalty – these are values that really cultivates a good partnership.

I use an internationally acclaimed sponsorship valuation method wich determines a market adapted value and helps you as a rightsholder to really know your worth.
This will not only make your offer to a sponsor tax deductible per default, it will also help you create attractive sponsorship packages where the sponsor don’t have to buy rights they don’t intend to activate or “use”.

Services provided to rightsholders:
Rights valuation
Rights packaging/structure
Contract guidelines and negotiation
Activation programs

CSR/CR- Charity organization
Sponsor with rights