Irrespective of the type, location or size or of the event, My focus as project manager is to deliver not just an unsurpassed experience for the intended target group, but also a safe and reliable journey from A-Z for my client.
Whether it’s a public road show during 3 months, a international sales conference in Barcelona or a VIP event, it should be flawlessly executed and one that  connects with the audience in the way the first idea of the event intended it to do.

It doesn’t matter weather you are a production manager in a advertising agency or a CEO of a major brand.
My job is to make your work look good.

I provide project managent/production in:

  • B2B Events
  • Consumer Events
  • Internal Events
  • Product Launches
  • Road Shows
  • Tradeshows & Exhibits
  • Music Events/pop up clubs.