Imagine a method of communicating with your target group in a situation where the individual has chosen to be.
Rather than pushing your message in a traditional way via TV, radio, print or billboards – you could aquire the right to speak to people on their own terms. All this is very much possible. It’s called sponsorships and as a method of communicating it will marry to most media channels. Especially social media. The one thing to never take lightely, however is the activation of your aquired rights. All this might seem old to you, but very few are doing it right. As a brand, you want to make yourself useful for your potential customers instead of interrupting them in their day to day life. How you do this is crucial.
It’s the future of marketing.

Rightsholder, Sponsor, CSR/CR- Charity organization or a Sponsor with rights?
Choose below:
CSR/CR- Charity organization
Sponsor with rights