Glacier is Niclas Karlson, a free agent / freelancer with long experience in Event and Sponsorship strategy and tactics as well as production of presentations, prezis and mood films.
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I am a consultant/free agent  in sponsorships/partnerships/promotions, events. This includes CSR, CR, Employer Branding, contract negotiation and valuation of rights according to international standards.

I have a genuine experience in managing events. Internal and external. International and national. With a wide range of freelance professionals to use when needed, depending on the project.

All the above methods of marketing are in my opinion in the verge of beeing the most important means of marketing.
A well thought media mix is imperative, however no one can push messages in the same way any more. A brand needs to be where the target market is. Preferably where they already have chosen to be and here create benefits and utility for them. This a great way to make them love the brand!
//Niclas Karlson, May 2016

I work primarly as a freelancer/free agent on project basis for Advertising agencies, Event agencies, Media agencies etc.
However also dirctly for companies. Read more about my partners HERE.

I take pride in my work and insist on my clients evealuating it after every project. Read some of them HERE.

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