Sponsors – do the right thing!

The norm throughout the 70’s and early 80’s and, regrettably, even now, is that corporate sponsors all over the world are still holding on to the idea that  their logotype on big sign – in the company of hundreds of other logotypes – will produce marketing return when put in front of the masses. The masses beeing cynical, generation X’s and Y’s thinking that gaining exposure here would make these peple like your brand.
Through the mid 80’s to mid 90’s the attention turned to short-sighted goals as immediate sales and short-terms-profit. Long term benefits was not on the agenda and vending rights was the most important right to bug from a sponsee. Preferably at a cheap price.
From the mid 90’s and frequently used today are the sponsorships where the brands own needs are put in focus. How can we put our sponsorships in our brands marketing integration? and How can we balance long-term-effects with short-term-effects of the sponsorship? -Were questions frequently asked.
Sponsorship is not about how many logotypes you can put in front of your target group. It is about how to use relevant marketing media to improve your target group’s relationship to your brand.
A sponsor must deserve to adress the target group if it wants to improve the relationship. Find out what they like, sponsor it, and make their experience better.

Sponsorships is by far the most personally relevant and emotional methods of connecting with your target markets.

Services provided to Sponsors:
Sponsorship corporate strategy
Sponsorship guidelines
Sponsorship management
Sponsee evaluation
Negotiaton and contracts
Ambush Marketing

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